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Formerly North-East Employed and Locum GPs (NELG)

A Professional Group for Sessional GPs

NESG is a non-profit support group for GPs who work either as locums or in an employed capacity (retainers, flexible career scheme, returnees, salaried, assistant). To read more about NESG's Goals, Benefits and find some Key Contacts visit About Us.

Monthly NESG Meetings are held between 7pm and 8pm GENERALLY on first Wednesday of the Month every 2 to 3 months.

Freeman Hospital
Freeman Road
High Heaton
Newcastle upon Tyne

Park in multistorey carpark at back of hospital and Education centre is 2 minutes walk from car park and signposted. Enter double doubles and lecture theatres are on the right. Please note- parking fines are issued to those who park in the staff car park opposite the education centre.

[Please note the deanery educational programme is on EVERY MONTH ON A TUESDAY BETWEEN 8-9PM except for January].
- please consult educational events listings page.

Next NELG members meeting:
July 1ST 2014 7pm
October 7TH 7PM
Freemann Hospital Newcastle Function Room 138

There are currently 336 active members.

NESG (formerly NELG) as a GMC "case study"

In 2012 the GMC produced a series of case study sharing experiences of how different organisations have prepared themselves for revalidation.

NELG was selected as a case study to demonstrate progress, challenges and solutions. You can read about it in the GMC document below.

GMC case studies

Salaried and Locum GP work

Everything you need to know about working as a locum, salaried doctor, retainer or Flexible Career Scheme doctor. As a member you can sign up to be notified automatically of all new locum or job vacancies by email or you can just consult the locum vacancies or job vacancies pages for more details about these vacancies.

You will also find national guidance on setting your locum fees.

Setting your locum fees

Education and CPD

In this section you can find out about educational events and appraisals and can download the NESG appraisal toolkit to help you prepare for appraisal. As a member you can sign up to be notified of educational events by email. PCTs and GP tutors can also post educational events on the site.

A free service for practices too.

Practice managers can post a locum vacancy or post a job vacancy for FREE (this also emails members). You may also find it useful to check out our suggestions for successful locum induction procedures and induction/welcome packs.

Add a Vacancy

Report on Sessional GP representation- BMA/GPC

The Sessional GP subcommittee of the General Practitioners Committee has carried out an extensive review of representation of sessional GP and the report is published and accessible through the link below.

BMA press release
"The report from the GPC Sessional GPs Working Group is based on conclusions drawn from a large-scale consultation process that included a survey of over 1800 sessional GP members and a review of the way Local Medical Committees (LMCs) represent these doctors locally. External stakeholders were also consulted and structured interviews carried out on representational issues with grassroots sessional GPs.

New reforms outlined in the report include:

Delegating authority to the Sessional GPs Subcommittee of GPC (SGPS) so that sessional GP representatives act on matters wholly or primarily relating to sessional GPs.
The size of SGPS will be doubled to 16 members.
The formation of an SGPS executive committee, which will meet regularly and with the GPC’s negotiating team when necessary.
Four permanent seats on GPC for the SGPS executive committee, in addition to the sessional GPs already elected via regional and national elections.
New guidance for LMCs to help them improve their representation of sessional GPs locally.
A new strategy for communications aimed at improving the flow of information and discussion between the BMA and sessional GPs. "


How to find your LMC

THis is a link to the BMAs list of LMCs