NESG - North East Sessional GPs

How do I become a member

To become a member of NESG you need to:
1. Complete the Online application form at the bottom of this page
Our administrator will check the GMC register to see if you are a GP.
If your name does not appear on the GMC GP register you will need to send other proof of being a GP to our administrator. Please scan appropriate documentation and email it to for example : JCPTGP/PMETB certificate or inclusion letter onto performer's list.

If you are a registrar, your name will not yet appear on the GMC GP register, so you will need to send proof that you are a GP registrar (for example email with confirmation of your GP registrar status for example by forwarding an email from your trainer or from the VT scheme).
Once the committee has confirmed receipt of payment (we use PayPal), and checked your GMC status, your membership will be activated. Please allow 7 working days for this.

Membership applications are deleted 4-6 weeks later if no payment is received.

How do I renew my membership?

Login to your NESG account then click on pay my membership online. Pay your membership fee - we use PayPal. Our administrator will check your GMC status and complete the renewal process within 7 days.

The current fee is £26/annum

To apply online please complete this form.

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In order for you to make changes to your personal details and preferences you need to provide your chosen Username and Password. Members applying for a discounted membership are expected to keep their personal details updated by logging into the site.

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